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One-to-one Career Coaching

Psychometric Assessments

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Career coaching for your professional development

One-to-one Career Coaching

for discovering your behavioural strengths and igniting your passion for work.

Psychometric assessments to identify your behaviour traits and emotional intelligence

Psychometric Assessments

to identify your behavioural traits and emotional intelligence.

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Common challenges.

For many, a good job fit just means fulfilling the hard skill requirements and receiving a sufficient salary. Omitting soft skills and passion removes a key element that makes the job good.

Not finding a fulfilling job

You are hardworking but the job is not meaningful and satisfying. It feels like a misfit to who you really are. You feel stretched doing it and it’s becoming a dread.

Not progressing in your career.

The current job is going great but you are not getting the deserved recognition for your contribution. Promotions go past you and it’s frustrating.

Feeling stuck in your job search?

You are qualified and the interview seems to have gone well. But nobody is asking for a second meeting. It is hard to tell what is mismatched and there is no feedback.

A job that fits your inner person.

Finding a job vacancy that fits your technical skills without considering your inner traits is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. We can help ensure the job fits both your hard and soft skills.

Defining and finding a good fit for the job.

A good job should bring fulfilment. Understand your behavioural profile and learn to match your profile against the job that you seek and apply.

Improving your professional brand

Most people know their hard skills and ignore their soft skills. Understanding and promoting your behavioural profile and emotional intelligence will set you apart.

Helping you prepare for interviews

An interview is a two-way interaction. Learn to reveal your true self to the interviewer and to ask the right questions to determine the behavioural profile required for the job.

Setting & achieving actionable career goals

High-achievers always have goals and actionable steps to achieve them. These goals help you measure your progress and are the litmus test for your performance.

Understanding your motivation and values

High performers are constantly driven because intrinsic motivations are synchronised with their values. When that happens, the work stops becoming a dreaded job.

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Book an appointment

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Step 2: Begin with awareness

Begin with awareness

Let's find out your strengths & areas for growth. You will undertake psychometric assessments to learn your inner person.
Step 3: Grow & Change

Grow & Change

Using your strengths, we will establish actionable goals and chart your progress. We will help you grow and mature.

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It's a risk-free no-cost introductory session. So you really have nothing to lose.
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Your Investment.

Omitting soft skills and passion removes a key element that makes the job good. We will clarify your passion and match it against relevant opportunities.

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2 x Psychometric Assessments

Assessment Review

3 x Coaching Coaching Sessions
(each @ 1 hour  duration)

Personalised sessions tailored to specific needs

Understand your behavioural profile

Matching your profile against a job

Enhancing your professional brand

Helping you prepare for job interviews

Setting achievable action-able career goals

You don't have to be...

Dreading to go to work everyday

Struggling professional relationships

Feeling like your career has stalled

Feeling stuck in life because of work

Let our career coaching help you...

Understand your behavioural profile and motivation.

Resolve conflict with colleagues and open the pathway for constructive conversations.

Learn to utilise your strengths and identify areas for development.

Have challenging conversations with purpose, confidence and clarity.

Acquire leadership skills to persuade or influence your team.

Improved relationship with your boss.

Get things done quickly and effectively with open communication.

Improve overall performance and demonstrate tangible progress.

Learn to prioritise, delegate, and not get overwhelmed or burned out.

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