Workplace tension account for up to 80% of all team problems.
Our team coaching & development brings synergy,

and raises your team's performance even in uncertain times.
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Bespoke Team Development Programme

Psychometric Assessments

Signs of an ailing team.

The biggest problems arise when people are forced to work on teams that lack real synergy.

Lack of trust and communication.

Every body is guarded with their words and key people are withholding important information. They are wary that it might hurt their career. There is no trust. It is making projects hard to execute.

Job exhaustion and high-stress levels.

Working under constant scrutiny and caution is unhealthy. It makes the daily routine of going to work a dreadful experience. People cannot wait to leave the office.

High employee turnover.

The number 1 reason for attrition is mediocre management. People don't leave jobs, they leave managers or teams because of poor relationships or unaligned values.

A bespoke programme for your needs.

Each team development journey is custom fit to the specific needs of a group and the outcomes they wish to attain

Understanding behaviour and motivations.

Human behaviour traits are predictable. Identifying individual behaviour traits and their motivation can foster better relationships and reveal the reason for conflicts.

Maximising talent to grow.

Maximising each member’s strength to complement individual areas of development is an effective strategy to collectively increase team performance. It also bonds the group.

Create strategies to function as a team.

Focus on the team as a system rather than a collection of individuals. Create strategies that are flexible enough to work with whatever challenges that comes up for the team.

Our Team Coaching & Development Services.

We work with the entire team as a whole and individually. Each member will feel valued for their contribution and re-energized in discovering what they can accomplish together.

bespoke team development programme

Bespoke Team Development Programme

We bring clarity on how individual members’ motivation, strengths, and areas for growth correlate with the rest of the team. Then we show how to leverage that for optimal collaboration.

Psychometric assessments to identify your behaviour traits and emotional intelligence

Psychometric Assessments

Learn the behaviour traits of yourself and the team members and understand how it causes conflict and challenges. Device strategies to better manage your emotions and responses.

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Step 2: Begin with awareness

Begin with awareness

Let's find out your strengths & areas for growth. You will undertake psychometric assessments to learn your inner person.
Step 3: Grow & Change

Grow & Change

Using your strengths, we will establish some actionable goals and chart your progress. We will also help you grow and mature.

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You don't have to be...

Poor morale that makes work feel agonising.

The inability to make effective group decisions.

Having high turnover that impacts the company’s performance.

Let our career coaching help you...

Has a practical and clear roadmap broken down into actionable tasks.

Is constantly learning how to work together, and increasing performance.

Appreciates and maximises individual strengths, having engagements with minimal conflict.

Knows how to deal with disagreements and conflict in a healthy way.

Is aligned to their colleagues’ and bosses’ goals and supporting their performance.

Possesses a high motivation and drive to succeed together.

Is agile and highly empowered that can “do more, with less”.

Collaborates to handle conflict maturely when it arises.

Is strongly aligned and connected to the rest of the organisation, leading to improved performance.

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Each team development journey is custom fit to the specific needs of a group and the outcomes they wish to attain.

Bespoke Team Coaching Package


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Personalised sessions tailored to specific needs

Appreciate individual strengths & motivations

Maximise team & individual talent grow

Identify team & individual performance goals

Create strategies to function as an agile team

Learn how to deal with conflict & disagreements

Develop a high-performing motivated team

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